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Questions and Answers

Q1:Who can apply for ING flexi-premier income ?

A:  Anyone between the ages of 30days to 50years old can apply. Acceptance however is subject to underwriting

Q2.Is it possible to pay the premiums monthly to reduce the strain on my budget?
A:   Premiums can be paid annually,semi-anually,quarterly or even monthly.We encourage you to pay through auto-debiting of your bank account (Maybank) or by credit card to avoid risk of late payment and possible loss of insurance cover.However you may opt to pay by cheque or deposit cash in Public Bank
Q3: Can ING increase the premium during the duration of the plan?
A:    NO, the premium will not increase and is guaranteed throughout the duration of the premium payment term
Q4:Is this policy eligible for tax relief?
A: YES, RM6,000 per year inclusive of EPF contribution. The tax deductions may vary as declared by LHDN
Q5: When i received the plan and i do not agree with any of the terms and conditions,can i still reconsider?
A: Yes,you can.Within fifteen(15)days from the date of the policy is delivered to you,you are free to review the policy and cancel the policy without assigning any reason.ING will refund all the premiums already paid less any expenses incurred for medical check-up(if any).We want you to understand the full benefits of this Plan for you and your family to ensure that the plan fulfill your needs
Q7:What will happen to my plan if anything happen to me like death?
A: ING will payout to your name beneficiary the total sum assured or your savings+dividend+other benefits (if any)
Q6. How do i make a claim?
A: In the event of claims,please contact ING at toll free 1-800-88-0303
please note-
  • You should ensure that the plan meet your needs and that the premium or savings under the plan is an amount that you can afford only.
  • If you cease paying premiums,accumulated cash dividends(if any) would be utilized to pay future premiums and this may shorten your coverage period
  • Cash dividends will be declared annually from the end of the 2nd policy year onwards
  • If you terminate the plan in the early years,you may receive an amount that is less than the premiums paid
  • Please refer to the policy documents for the detailed benefits,terms and conditions



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