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About ING

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ING Insurance Berhad is part of the ING Group, an international financial services institution of Dutch origin. With a staff force of approximately 114,000 employees, the ING Group provides banking, insurance and asset management services to over 60 million customers in more than 50 countries. As of the end of 2004, the Group had investment assets under management of EUR492 billion, total assets worth EUR866 billion and shareholder funds worth EUR26 billion.


In Malaysia, ING provides all classes of insurance ranging from savings, life or medical insurance, general insurance and employee benefits. ING has the financial strength, experience,service centre network,as well as a team of well-trained staff and agents to serve its over 1million customers nationwide. As of the end of 2004, its total asset worth was RM6.6 billion with paid-up capital of RM140million.

Reaping Life's Rewards
You are in the prime of your life. Passing thoughts of your golden years have crossed your mind and you envisage spending lazy and carefree afternoons on your shady verandah with your lovely grandchildren or just the two of you, indulging in that dream luxury cruise to Alaska or just living one day at a time without having to worry about financial considerations.
Yet the much awaited retirement from the rat race seems like a long way off from now especially when your life is so full.But you really have to plan today for that dream retirement lifestyle that you so deserve.
Yes, you'll need to save systematically & a little bit of discipline to  enjoy a comfortable retirement.With better healthcare and nutritions, we are now living longer and to sustain the lifestyle and comforts,you'll find that you might need to save more for a happy and carefree retirement.
The last thing you would want in this happy time of your life is to realize too late that you and your living expenses have outlived your Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and retirement savings. You need to supplement your savings with a retirement living income plan for a steady stream of funds that will support you for the rest of your life.

After 40years of struggle, the scenario of 100 people at age 65 is show below-

49-Depend on others      

29-Passed Away 



4 -Financial Independant  


(Figures published by the Labour Department)


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Reaping Life's Rewards


Now you are convinced that our savings plan with coverage offers you peace of mind at a very affortable cost, please contact me for the plan customized to your specific needs


This plan is designed so that you can manage your retirement nest to reap the rewards to maintain the lifestyle of your choice. You determine when you need the funds. Hence you may opt for the lump sum option to pay off your loans,indulge in your dream holidays, do up your home and garden and fund all your retirement activities. Because you deserve to reap the rewards of your life long labor in your golden years.....

  • 6% GUARANTEE annual cash payments
  • 4 to 7% dividend commence on the 3rd year of the policy